There are hundreds of thousands of domains to choose from. Below are the most important things to keep in mind when searching for the right domain.

  • Relevance
    Make sure there is a clear connection between your domain name and your website for business.
  • Easy to Remember
    Find domain names that are catchy, short, and easy to spell and speak. Pronounce the domain three times aloud. Does it sound natural? Imagine
    yourself telling a potential customer about your website. Is it easy to convey and remember? Think yourself which one is better or
  • Evaluate Keyword Searches
    If your domain name is an exact match of a search keyword, your website will likely appear near the top of those results. This can help your site get valuable traffic.
    Consider the most popular and relevant keyword searches for your business and see if they are available as domain names.
    You can try this by going to any search engine such as, or
  • Pay Attention to the Extension
    .com .net .org are the most popular extentions. Others that are well-known and can deliver value are .biz, .info. and .us
    You must consider your competition and whether you want to buy all the extensions for your domain name.
    If you sell products to an country specific market, consider country-code domains. In this case, you might secure .com .net .org
    and the country-code, as appropriate (e.g.,, or .in etc).
  • Find Similar Domains
    You may find a number of attractive domains for your business. You should consider protecting your brand and increasing your reach by securing multiple names.
    There could be multiple opportunities to get search engine traffic.
    You can easily forward one URL to another domain, which means that you can create one website that many domains point to.