Question by Norulesforme: About the domain registration and companies that register domains?
I cant answer myself why domain registration is needed. And another thing who are the companies that register domain names, why they, where does money from registration go and what are they used for?

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Answer by brisray
Domain names are needed because it’s easier to remember say, than or –

The registrars pay a fee to ICANN who coordinate the DNS servers. As well as the annual fee, around 20 – 25c goes to ICANN for each domain you register.

If you can remember lots of ip addresses then you’ve no need to use domain names, computers don’t use them – just us humans. Typing in your browseer address bar gets you to the same place as typing

Some people don’t bother registering domain names and just use their server’s IP addresss. However, as at least one person on Yahoo Answers found out, that doesn’t make them private, it just means you need to know the IP address rather than remembering a domain name.

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