Question by Whisper: Can I switch to a new email service for my domain without any downtime?
I have a domain that is registered until next year, however my website hosting needs to be renewed in 3 days. The thing is, I haven’t really been using the website and don’t really need to, but I absolutely must have the email. I’d like to switch to a service where I am only paying to have email, but I can’t afford to have any down time when I wouldn’t be able to receive emails. Is it possible, or is it too late at this point.


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Answer by Annorax
Why even pay at all?

Use Google Apps Standard. It’s free for up to 5 users (may be more now) and you can use your own domain.

No mail loss. As soon as your MX records are changed in your DNS service, email will be delivered to your Google Apps email.

If you need a free DNS server, check out DollarDNS

It’s not too late — and it won’t cost you a dime.

Email me if you need help.

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