Question by Anthony W: How can I get a website without buying a domain through a webhost?
I want to get a domain without signing up with a webhost. I figured there must be a way all the webhost sites get their domains …. where do they get them from?

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Answer by Kib
They get them from Nominet, the keeper of .UK registration names.
Although you can’t order there yourself, there are many companies (registrars) who are allowed to do so. Some of these companies (ISP, webhosts, etc) do not sell names without hosting, but many others do.

To summarise: Use the site I linked to to find a registrar that will sell you a domainname.

Note: In order to get a website running on the domain you will need DNS records set up either on your own DNS servers or somewhere else (usually on the registrars). These DNS records should point to the IP address of your server.

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