Question by Mogely: How do I configure the DNS of a home web server with a domain at Netfirms?
Hi all. I have a couple domains I’m trying to host from home. I want to use my own nameservers. I use netfirms as my registrar. My server has ISPConfig running on it, with BIND.

1) How do I configure my domain in netfirms to point to my IP?
2) How do I configure ISPconfig?

Thanks for the advice!

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Answer by efflandt
If your home ISP plan has one or more static IP addresses you should be able to simply give netfirms that or those IP address(es), although, they usually like at least 2 nameservers on different networks.

If like most of us you have a dynamic IP address, then it would be best to use a dynamic DNS hosting service. I have used for years, but web search “dns hosting” for others.

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