Question by Jonathan D Linscott: How do I get control of my domains back?
I own two domains. I gave control of them to a web developer for the purpose of creating web sites at those domains. The guy took thousands of dollars and split town and wont return my domains. I am the legal owner of those domains and can substantiate that. Does anyone know of a way I can force a transfer of the control of these domains back to my control, away from this crook’s hands? he is causing damage to my company by doing this, and litigation is pending. But I just want my domains back…any advice?

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Answer by Jack D
Do you host the domains yourself or are they hosted by a hosting company. If by a hosting company just call them and get them to reset all access passwords. If you host them yourself then get any IT person who knows your software products to do it for you. If for some reason the web developer is hosting them then you will have to find a new host and contact your domain name supplier and get the DNS records pointed to the new host….

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