Question by Noah: How do I post a website using a domain I purchased using XHTML?
I recently bought a few domains on, and I am interested in putting them on the internet. I already have the XHTML text that I want to use, but I don’t want to spend the outrageous money for each site to use GoDaddy’s site builder, since I already made what I need. How can I use my text to make my website without spending lots of money on their sitebuilder? (It has to be purchased for each individual site). Thanks!

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Answer by llaffer
You have to have your XHTML files on a web server. Since most people do not run a dedicated web server out of their homes, the alternative is to find an inexpensive hosting service.

I use powweb, which usually charges less than $ 8 a month, but has a deal on new hosting services for less than $ 4 a month (requires at least a year paid in advance).

When you set up an account, you can tell it to use the domain that you already own, and it will handle all of the domain name redirects required to deliver it to their servers, then you can use the FTP access that you set up to upload the files to where you need them to be.

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