Question by Matthew: How do I remove my domain name from google sites?
I bought a domain name on google, thinking I was just buying the domain name. Nope. Google make it impossible to customize your site or to upload FTP files.

Basically, I have to do things google’s way.

I want to remove my domain name off google, and then rebuy it again on a different site like GoDaddy.

Is this possible? What do I do?

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Answer by Sean
Hey i work for SmartISP Australia and i have so many people have the same problem that you are having and you can use Google Webmasters and delete your name of Google and if you want to register your domain name i wouldn’t go with Go Daddy because there servers lack a good supporting web OS for the clients side if your getting hosting and the ftp isn’t the best. Our servers are runned with Dell servers and the latest Cpanel accounts with incredible cheap hosting as well compared to other companies like crazy domains etc and we will always like to have you on board so if you have anymore troubles please feel free to contact me directly on our contact us page if you go onto

Hope This Helps

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