Question by Suni Rah: How do I start a blog and own the domain?
I want to start a blog but would like to own the domain. Any ideas how to go about this?

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Answer by Blog Briefing
First you need to go and buy the domain name – my advice is to always get a .com if you can. I suggest as they are cheap and it’s really easy ( make you jump through too many hoops and try and ‘upsell’ you stuff). A .com at Namecheap will cost you about $ 10.

Next you need to get some hosting ( I prefer to keep my hosting separate from my doamain name registrar as that way I can change hosting companies in the future, should I want to, much more easily).

If you use a popular hosting company like Hostgator you’ll get hosting at under $ 5 per month if you pay for a year up front. Crazy not to as, if you pay month by month the price nearly doubles).

When going through the sign up process be sure to tick the box stating that you already have a domain name and just require the hosting if you’ve followed the step above or get everything ( domain and hosting) via Hostgator.

Once Hostgator has set your hosting up they will email you all your hosting details which you’ll need to store somwhere safe. Included in those will be your DNS or NameServer Settings. There will be 2 of then and they will look something like this:

Now go back to Namecheap .com and, in your account, enter those details when asked on the ‘Change DNS’ settings page. It might tkae 24 hours to take effect but what this does is ‘point’ your url at your hosting account wherever it is.

You can now, via your Hostgator Control Panel, set up a WordPress blog on your site and the adventure begins – have fun!

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