Question by Miles Coyote: How do I take my domain and leave Google sites, so I can just code the damn thing myself?
I bought a domain through Google, and the site is now run through Google Sites. I hate it. Not enough control, for one thing, and only one user on the site can be mered as “owner.” Two people can’t be full-on webmasters.

Anyway. I want to take my domain and leave Google apps, so I can just code it myself. How do I do this?

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Answer by macdudeosx
You can keep some of google features while hosting your own website. I kept googles email account hosting and I run a web server with my own website at my house.

Two people can manage the same domain with google by the way.

Login to the email of your domain with google, click “Manage this Domain” then click “Domain settings” then click “Domain Names” then click “Advanced DNS settings” The window that pops up is the account information. You can share it with other people to manage the domain.

Click the link and enter your account information. Click the domain name, click “Total DNS Control”. Under “A(Host)” go to the line with the “@” symbol. The ip address associated with the @ symbol is where the website is. Change the ip address to wherever the new website server is. Leave all the other information alone and you can still log in using googles email ( and have your own website somewhere else.

EDIT; When you change the ip, it can take up to 2 days for it to take effect, the change will not be immediate because the ip change needs to circulate around the DNS servers.

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