Question by Leah: How long does it take godaddy to take down a deleted domain?
I recently deleted a godaddy domain name, and the website still exists (but is not registered to me, obviously since I deleted it from my account). Godaddy says a deleted domain might be held in the registry before releasing it for other users to register. What does that mean? Will the website ever just disappear?

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Answer by GoDaddy Social Media Team

The domain name and the website are, essentially, two separate products. If the domain name has been deleted from your account, the website associated with the domain will typically go down almost immediately. However, if the website has another domain associated with it, the site will still be accessible via that domain. The website would exist on a hosting account that, if it is still active, will display the site as long as there is a domain or URL to point to it. I recommend contacting our Support Team directly as they’re available 24/7 and can take a look at the domain and any associated site for you. You can contact them via


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