Question by Itzel: How much would it cost to get my own domain name for Freewebs?
I run a fansite on Freewebs and since it’s growing and people seem to like it so far, should I get a custom domain name for it? How much would it cost, and for those who have done it before, do you edit the site and everything pretty much the same way as a basic account?

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Answer by David M
Don’t trust any cheap service, many of them don’t allow you to have full control on your domain name. If you’re going to buy domain names, refer to:

GoldPuma is the lowest cost service which is full-featured and really works for you ($ 9.99 /year). They offer free extras with every domain name:

Quick Blogcast
Hosting with Web site builder
Personalized Email Account
Starter Web Page For Sale/ Parked Page
Domain Parking
Domain Forwarding
Domain Masking
100-Pack Email Forwarding
Total DNS Control
Change of Registration
Status Alerts
Domain Locking

Good Luck!

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