Question by jbarrett_2006: How to acquire ownership of a domain from unresponsive registrant?
I have a client who’s domain name is registered at The client has asked me to change the domain’s nameservers to point to my hosting server. They do not have login info to do this and the current registrant no longer works at their company and used a private email address when registering the domain. He is not returning any communications. Is there a way to acquire a domain when the current registrant is unresponsive?

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Answer by Blacksun
Unfortunately if you are unable to reach the current registrant then there’s not much you can do. They are the legal owners of that domain until such time it is unlocked with an authorization code by them. You can do a whois lookup to see when the domain expires in which case you may be able take ownership 60-90 days after expiration. Alternatively. you may have to look at using another extension such as .net, .info or .us if you cannot wait.

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