Question by cockfieldcasey: How To Transfer A Purchased Domain From GoDaddy To Hostgator?
I purchased a domain on GoDaddy but i want HostGator to host it. I purchased a hosting plan with HostGator and i login to their admin panel but im not sure where to start to move it over to HostGator from GoDaddy. Any ideas?

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Answer by netdevour
You need to enter into GoDaddy’s domain manager – I am assuming you registered the domain with Go Daddy – and change the DNS to reflect Hostgator’s servers. You can get the correct DNS to enter from HostGator and there should be two DNS entries. Once you have the DNS from HostGator, go to the domain manager of GoDaddy and change the DNS. This will allow your domainname to point to HostGators servers…

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