Question by Confusedchild: Is it necessary to register a domain through a provider?
I have been researching how to get register a domain name for quite some time with no previous information on the subject, and a lot of the things I have read just confuse me.

I just want to know if it is necessary to buy the domain through a company (ex: go daddy), or if there is an official place that I can get it from without having to depend on a service? Is there a national registry anywhere?

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Answer by Andrew S
There are central authorities that maintain the authroitative list for each top-level domain and you can deal with those directly if you like. However for most purposes you are better off going through an intermediary – you will find it easier because they simpliy a lot of the administrivia for you and it will almost certainly be a lot cheaper too – the amount the central authorities charge recognised agents for a domain registration is a tiny fraction of what they typically charge Joe Public, so even with their mark up you are usually well ahead. Regardless of precisely who you go to, whether it is the central registrar or an agent, you will have to go through somebody to register the domain name.

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