Question by Moneypenny: What is the difference between a subdomain, add-on domain, and a parked domain?
I am a total newbie at everything related to website design, using my new control panel of options from Can anyone help me distinguish the difference between these domain options: subdomain, add-on domain, and parked domains?

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Answer by Red
Subdomain, basically it’s as if you have a website, say, and you add forums, so you create a SUBDOMAIN that says, the “forums” part is the subdomain.

Add-on domain, frankly I don’t know, I’ve seen differing defenitions, however, my hosting provider means it so that you can add a domain onto a hosting account, so both domains point to the same web files.

Parked domain, typically just a domain being held for you, no site physically there, just parked and waiting to be used.

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