Question by creativehaze: What’s the difference between hosting with unlimited domains and reselling hosting?
I have a need to host a half dozen domains, four of which are for clients. I figure I can make a couple of bucks here. has a deal for $ 6.99 a month with unlimited domains, but I don’t think this would be a reseller arrangement. What is the difference between this and a reseller account? Couldn’t I host my client’s domains on this account and charge them? Confused…

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Answer by Website Managers
If you host your clients sites on your account, they will not have access to those accounts without going into your file structure. Even though they can be limited to their own files, you will have to add them as add-on domains, which add folders under yours.

Reseller accounts allow you to create totally separate accounts for your clients, with their own file space and logins. If they break any of the hosting rules, only their site will be shut down, instead of yours and all those added onto your account.

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